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Here are Links to many of the favorite places I like to go to 
             !! Please let me know of any broken links !!
Some Photos on Goggle's Picasa Photos
Some Videos at YouTube
"GAT" a Graphic Novel
Store for the family The largest complaint about Am Way is "I can't find a dealer to reorder from" Well here is your access to reorder.
Web Hosting Bizland, I have been hosted here for over 10 years now it just keeps getting better more services and lower prices compare and see.
Find me on MySpace !
Maryvale Alumni Site Did you go to Maryvale High School?
YearBook cover photos From Maryvale High School
Weather radar of Shuttle accident Feb-1-2003
Illegal's- Cochise Co AZ problems Do you have areas that look the same?
PFAFF 138 Sewing Machine information
Lord Cheez for your character design needs
Discover How to Get Your Children to Behave Better Faster Without the Hassles
WoodsBall Paint Ball info for my area
M M Z .org  is this better  MMZ>Magius9
The one that got away Don't let your idea go.
My Friends Favorite Links: You can Add a Link here! Spam will be removed
Mike's Totally Worthless Home Page ( That's what he calls it )
Wicca Information
Whack-O Drivers in the Perris and Moreno Valley CA.
Links "X "   ( I Didn't do it ),,, (well maybe I did)




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