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Upholstery Tips and Ideas

  How to Make a Cornice Box In the working process
  How to Thread the Pfaff-138

Below are some simple yet helpful tips

  To fill the void when there isn't much wood to staple, learn more

Scissor holder

Use an empty thread spindle for a safe place to keep your scissors.


Economic Decorative Tack Hammer

  1. Wrap face of hammer with some masking tape and then the Cap will screw on the Face of the hammer

  2. Cut the nail for the Glide to 1/4in and nail to cap as shown

Joint Repair Glue
(at ACE)

This glue works great for filling loose joints in furniture because it foams up (even more when wet) and fills the voids and cracks in the wood. 
This is the glue I use, you can get the Gorilla Glue but it is just the same to me and always priced about twice as much