This is the Crosslingmarker-31

Back Paintball mod Crosslingmarker-31 works great and is accurate I don't know what it choreographed it yet.

If you have ever had someone use a wrist rocket on you pulled back to about 31 inches you all ready know what it feels like to get hit with this gem.

bullet Wrist Rocket
bullet Mini Cross Bow
bullet 3ft piece of 2x2
bullet Paintballs 



What you get when you integrate a Mini Cross Bow + Wrist Rocket + Paintballs = Crosslingmarker-31
bullet Length  3' 5"
bullet Height   8"
bullet Width  5-1/2"
bullet Weight   2 pounds 12oz
bullet Velocity  test #1..168, thank you (Bryson Paintball) .    


The Mini Cross Bow and the Wrist Rocket I used


  As you can see the test target is the garage door only because that is what lined up when held in the vice.
And yes there are now dents in that spot which is why I didn't test it with any marbles there is a car parked in the driveway just outside.

The pull in 31inchs from the Y to the pocket That's why it is called Crosslingmarker-31


  Test target area photos of a can no it didn't stay up there I had to pick it up off the floor.